Mental Health Action Day

Mental Health Wellness

Mental Health Is Health

Our emotional health can range from thriving to struggling. No matter what you’re experiencing, there are ways to take action to support yourself and those around you.

Take control of your emotional health.

Whether it’s for you or a friend you care about, there are always things we can do to strengthen our emotional health and support others.

What exactly is “mental health”?

Good question, because “mental health” can mean different things to different people. Mental health is a continuum that stretches from where we’re feeling good to the other end of the continuum where we’re struggling because of a challenge or a condition like depression. Where we are on that continuum is influenced by various factors. Some we can control (how we take care of ourselves or our support networks) and some we can’t (our genetics or how we were raised).

When our mental health is strong it can help us thrive. When we’re struggling, we may need to seek out self-care and coping practices, and/or the support of professionals.

How can we improve and protect our mental health?

Like our physical health, there are aspects of our mental health that we need to understand and manage the best we can, taking positive actions to feel better today and protecting our emotional well-being from future problems. Actively practicing self-care (exercising, meditation, getting enough sleep) and developing good coping strategies (journaling, talking with friends, gratitude exercises), can make us more resilient and protected when we do face challenges or difficult situations. It’s also important to reach out for support and discuss our feelings if we need it.

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