About Us

Our vision is to move every youth from stagnation to motivation;
from limitations to possibilities;
from dependency to self-sufficiency;
from the past to the future.

The Independent Living Skills Program provides services to youth still in foster care between the ages of 16 through 21. The primary focus of the Contra Costa County’s ILSP program is to identify all eligible youth and provide emancipation services and resources, with the goal of preparing them for responsible adulthood and independence.

Centrally located in Martinez, California, ILSP has a 10,000 square foot Independent Living Skills Youth Center. Our building houses the ILSP direct service staff and social workers, we have a library, a classroom, a computer lab, and a free clothes closet. We also have a kitchen that is used as a break room and doubles as a location where cooking classes are offered periodically.

The ILSP office also has a shower that we keep stocked with hygiene products and towels, along with an emergency food pantry.

​ILSP youth are welcome and encouraged to utilize the computer lab to do homework, check their emails, apply for financial aid, apply for college, look for employment, or to look for housing. They also have access to tutors, who can assist with resume and personal essay writing.

Life skills workshops, classes, and activities are offered. ​The goal of the ILSP center is to give youth a “home away from home” that is safe, warm and welcoming.

​For more information, please contact any of the ILSP staff at (866) 994-4577 (ILSP) toll free.

Persons eligible for services:


All youth age 16 and over for whom foster care maintenance payments are being made under title IV-E


Any youth age 16 and over who are in foster care (non-IV-E eligible) under the responsibility of the State (including but not limited to non-IV-E eligible youth residing in kinship care who are in receipt of family reunification and/or permanent placement services)


All former foster care youth who were in foster care after the age of 16. Youth are eligible for ILSP services up to age 21