Cash donations may be earmarked for college or training scholarships. Other financial donations will be used to help emancipating youth with rental and utility deposits, transportation, clothing and the purchase of household items. ​

We ask that you donate only new items, or those that you would be pleased to have your own youngster use. All donations are tax deductible.

Tax ID: ​94 -3017952


Kayla Gordon, Former Foster Youth

Kayla Gordon, a former foster youth in Contra Costa County, California, Kayla Gordon, former Contra Costa County foster youth, explains how a scholarship gave her the successful boost she needed to escape homelessness and put herself on a career track.

Rosanna Fajardo, Former Foster Youth

Rosanna Fajardo, a former Contra Costa County foster youth, talks about the struggles she faced as a child and the scholarship that made a difference in her life.