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Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP)

The Transitional Housing Program was developed under Assembly Bill 1198 (AB 1198) and approved by both the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors and California Department of Social Services.

AB 1198 has given EMQ/FamiliesFirst, Amador Institute and the Contra Costa County Independent Living Skills Program the opportunity to create options for older adolescents. This collaboration between the EMQ/FamiliesFirst Foster Family Agency, Amador Institute and ILSP has allowed teens to learn critical living skills in a least restrictive environment, their own apartment.

The Transitional Housing Program provides real world living experiences for foster youth age 16.5 to 19, who are in their senior year of high school, prior to their emancipation from the foster care system.

For more information contact: Timothy Hamp at 925.957.2403 or [email protected]


These programs are for youth who are participating in AB12 as Non-Minor Dependents (NMDs).  Contra Costa County contracts with 4 local Transitional Housing Programs.  For most programs NMDs must fill out an application, contact Tim Hamp (925) 957-2403 to turn in the application and then participate in a THP interview.

One program (Environmental Alternatives) is the program that requires the NMD to have the highest level of independence.  This program requires that the youth be referred by the social worker.

UFSUplift Family Services-(formerly EMQ Families First)-  A scattered site housing model where youth 18-18 reside with a roommate.  UFS will pay the rent and then provides a small monthly stipend for the youth to budget for other needs.

Amador Institute

First Place for Youth

Environmental Alternatives

STEPs Lutheran Family Services