SanTre’sa Berry

SanTre’sa Berry

ILSP Specialist


[email protected]


I am new to the team but definitely experienced in this field.  Prior to working at ILSP, I worked as an Education and Employment Specialist with a non-profit organization that assisted young adults that had transitioned or were in the process of transitioning out of the foster care system.

I received my Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach in 2002. During my stay in Long Beach, I discovered a passion for working with youth and helping them achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals. I spent a great deal of time working and volunteering at community organizations located in inner city neighborhoods.  I truly enjoyed my job and the beautiful warm sunny weather in Southern California, however, I realized that there was a lot of work to be done in my own community and I was absolutely one who would be willing to assist with the efforts.  I made a wise choice and decided to move back home to the Bay Area.

I am looking forward to meeting, working, and advocating for all of you!

“LOVE ~ like you have never been hurt, SING ~ like no one can hear you and DANCE ~ like there is no one watching.”