Events and Workshops

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16-21 years of age and still in foster care services:

Fall Retreat
This is our annual kickoff to start the New Year. We invite up to 150 people who include youth, relative care providers, social workers, and group home providers for the purpose of sharing and explaining ILSP services in order to achieve maximum participation throughout the year. Breakfast and lunch as well as raffle gifts are provided.

We also pass out our great ILSP T-shirts!

Senior Kickoff   
This is our big kickoff that focuses on our high school seniors who are moving towards graduation and transitioning into adulthood.  Vendors from the colleges, housing programs, and support programs will be present.  High school seniors will receive lists of important dates, backpacks with school supplies and a flash drive to use for homework, scholarship applications, personal essays and any other important information needed for their senior year.  Most importantly youth who attend this event get the first chance to apply for the Assistance League of Diablo Valley Senior Sponsorship which provides 400.00+ for senior expenses to 35 youth.

Life Skills Workshops
Our workshops cover topics such as goal setting, drug abuse, communication and anger management. Youth are invited to join the discussion and voice their opinions on various topics. Positive tools are introduced to deal with these important topics. These workshops are the core of the ILS program. Subjects covered include basic job development, money management, setting goals, education, and staying motivated. We work on pre-apartment hunting and how to prepare for emancipation, as well as team building and communication.  These workshops are held during the school year in Martinez on Tuesdays, and at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg and at the Contra Costa West County offices in Richmond on Wednesdays.  Some workshops are held offsite.  Check the calendar for addresses, dates and times.

Employability and Resume Workshops
The workshop covers all aspects of resume writing and the different formats used. The importance of providing a good cover letter is also addressed. Different types of job searches, interviewing techniques and presentations are covered. This workshop is held once a month.

Women’s Group
This informal workshop is geared toward providing a safe environment for young women in the program to discuss and share experiences. Topics discussed include birth control, body functions and proper care, makeup application, and childbirth.

Relationship Workshop
Designed for young women in the program to receive instruction on various topics related to self-empowerment. Topics include healthy and unhealthy relationships, celibacy, personal hygiene, pressure and society, childbearing, self-examination, parenting, and making conscious decisions.

Ropes Course
This popular 2-day event is designed to empower the youth through teamwork and physical activities. Focuses on individual goals and abilities. Youth are given the opportunity to challenge their limits by trusting fellow peers with their safety. High and low elements are featured and the course itself is in a serene setting.

Cooking Class
The class was developed to allow youth to learn the skills that they will need to live on their own. Topics include eating for $5.00 a day, safety in the kitchen, keeping food free from bacteria, and nutrition.

Day at the Capitol
This is a CYC event, which allows our youth to learn about the democratic process. Youth receive the opportunity to meet with the legislators to advocate on their own behalf in order to change laws that affect foster youth.

Special Events
Every once in awhile we are lucky enough to be able to provide field trips outside of our county.  Some of those rare events includes Great America, Water World, Oakland A’s games, Warriors Basketball games, trips to the theater in San Francisco.

Ski Trip
This was designed as a reward for youth with perfect attendance during the East County Life Skills Workshop. It doubles as a social activity where the youth are given the opportunity to have fun in the snow.

Financial Aid Workshop
We provide an important overview of the Federal Student Aid Program and scholarships available. Instructions explain how to complete the FAFSA and scholarship application forms. All scholarships available to our youth will be reviewed, including essay entries. Tips on panel interviewing will also be covered.

General College Workshop
This workshop covers differences between the types of schools, eligibility for schools, setting personal educational goals, understanding the college timeline for applications, financial aid, and utilizing the web to research schools.

College Tours
Our tours include 2 and 4-year colleges. They give our youth an opportunity to view campuses and dorms as well as how to access resources and services available on each campus. Tours are usually conducted with the assistance of a former ILSP participant.

College Luncheon
This gathering is designed to ease the anxiety surrounding attending college. Guest speakers include former foster youth now in college and representatives from local 2 and 4-year colleges. Discussion is based on the needs of the youth. Question and answer period. Lunch is provided.

For Young Adults 18-21 Years of age and Emancipated Services Provided for this Group:

River Rafting Trip:
A social activity, that allows youth to experience teamwork through communication and physical activity. This is an incentive trip for youth who had good attendance and participation throughout their participation in ILSP. Offered to youth  18+ only.